Monday, November 2, 2009


little miss thang has been getting her attitude on lately. where she gets some of the words that fly out of her little two-year-old mouth really gets me. because she doesn't hear it at home. it is funny to see her facial expressions while rolling her eyes like an adult and heaving a huge sigh of frustration, but it's getting old. rather quickly, i might add. her new favorite thing is to fold her hands across her chest and say in a mightily ticked-off voice, "i so mad at chew right now. don't even talk 'a me cuz i mad at chew". she told me today that if i didn't "stop looking at her like that" (like what, i don't have a clue, but like that) then she would have to smack me.

this past weekend my in-laws were here from PA. my step-father-in-law picks on the kid like there's no tomorrow. i have to admit, there are times when i want to look at him and tell him to please just shut up. but, i refrain. the princess had other plans besides refraining from telling her pap off, though. when we were walking back from trunk-or-treating, he was picking on her something fierce. don't you know, that little stinker stops, rolls her eyes, puts her hands on her hips, and exasperated-ly says, "James, (her pap's name) i really wish you would stop talkin 'a me like dat. it is not nice, so stop it now, misser".

while for some if it, i don't blame her, it still bothers me that my cute little princess has had such a nasty, mean spirited attitude lately. needless to say, her tiny, cute, little booty has worn a spot in the carpet where she's been sitting in time out.