Monday, November 30, 2009

kicking my butt

i am feeling so unsettled lately. we have had some big issues within our small family, and they have spilled over to cause issues in our bigger family. trying to find a common understanding between everyone, and get everything taken care of has caused so much stress, frustration, anger, and even some hurt. school has also been so stressful. we're constantly having to explain why our scores aren't as good as they should be on tests, explain, explain explain, cover our hineys, we are being over-run with meetings during and after school. all of this has just sucked the life out of me, and it is totally kicking my butt. i just want to mope around, sit in my big brown chair, snuggle up under a blanket, and hide. i'm hoping it all simmers down. i'm not good at handling stress and problems. especially not when it negatively affects myself and my family. this shouldn't be a time of worry and frustration. i want to concentrate on my family, and why this time of year is so special to us. i'm ready to partake in my baby's first Christmas that she actually understands, and teach her about Jesus' birth when we put out our nativity. i'm ready to have her decorate our tree, and snuggle while we watch the pretty lights twinkle. but, the only thing i can do right now to get the situation taken care of is pray and trust. and i'm doing those two things whole-heartedly. join me in praying that God helps us to get this all taken care of in a way we can all say was the right way, and also pray that i will trust in Him to guide us, our actions, and decisions. also pray that our attitudes stay positive because we want to have a Godly attitude and get this taken care of with the utmost respect and be a Godly example.

* on a positive note, uber cute pics of the kid decorating the tree at my parent's house this weekend will be up tonight! :o)