Monday, November 2, 2009

don't fit

does it bother you when you are invited somewhere by a "friend", you walk in to the group meeting/activity you are invited to, and you're totally ignored by every person there that doesn't know you? it bothers me a lot. i was invited to a group meeting of women from around town. they are a community organization that helps local people in many different ways. i've been trying to get more involved lately so i am not just sitting around home all the time. well, now i know why i sit around the house all the time; because i'd rather be with my husband and daughter instead of snotty, i'm-better-than-you women. when i arrived at the meeting tonight, i walked in and nobody said a word to me for 15 minutes. they all just looked at me like i was some sort of freak invading their meeting. not a single "hello, my name is ________. it's nice to meet you". nope. they just let me stand there looking like a stinking idiot all by myself without saying a single word to me. you would think that they would want to give people a more positive point of view about them because of how involved and "concerned" they are for the community members. but, no, they just let me stand there, totally out of place, all by myself. it was fun. and i was invited to their "holiday progressive dinner". sign me up. let me be the first on the list, please. i think i'll pass, thank you. it's obvious when you don't fit in, and that was pointed out to me really quickly tonight. so, i'll just be staying home with my three loves and enjoying more family time. at least i know i am loved and wanted here :o) and in the end, that is all that matters.


Erica said...

Unfortunately there seems to be plenty of that out there, there are some good groups of sorts out there though! I think some women (and maybe men) just don't have the guts to step up and say hi to newbies! Too bad for them!

Grace said...

I'm sorry that happen Bri. That truly does feel "sucky" when you are put in a situation like that. Don't give-up though, please. I only wish I had the oppurtunity to be with you in real life!