Saturday, November 14, 2009

ALL I wAnT fOr ChRiStMaS ~

my munchkin is totally "besidick" about christmas this year... and "besidick" is a major understatement. she tells us almost daily now that ho ho is bringing her toys and presents. we're trying to put the "let's give to others" and "it's Jesus' birthday" spin on it, too... but that isn't working so well. she's two-and-a-half.. at least she understands something. we have a lot of fun new traditions planned, and it is making me giddy like a kid.

so the other day, we had a conversation. she started it, and it went something like this ~

M ~ hey, mama, let's talk!
Me ~ ok, honey, what do you want to talk about?
M ~ ho ho is coming to my house
Me ~ yes, baby, ho ho is coming to your house. are you excited?
M ~ uh huh... i very besidick. ho ho is bringing me presents
Me ~ i know ho ho will bring you presents. do you know what you would like for ho ho to get you?
M ~ yup... i want a horsey, a bear, lots and lots of books, and a box
Me ~ and that is all you want ho ho to bring you?
M ~ uh huh
Daddy ~ hey, m, since you want ho ho to bring you presents, would you like to go get presents for another little girl? because there are other little girls and boys that don't have everything you do.
M ~ nope! ho ho has to bring me presents first
Me ~ but, honey, ho ho will bring you presents still, and we can get something nice for another little girl
M ~ no, mama, ho ho has to bring me presents.... i telled you dat already (exhasperated sigh inserted here)
Me ~ did you know that Christmas is also when baby Jesus was born?
M ~ nope. Christmas is for ho ho cuz he gives me presents
Me ~ yes, ho ho does give you presents, but that isn't what Christmas is really about. Christmas is when baby Jesus was born, and Jesus loves us, and He died on the cross for us
M ~ no, Jesus lives at Papa's church. dat's all. (another exhasperated sigh here) i sink i gonna go play wiss my blocks now. you can play wiss me too, if you want! sure!

obviously she has one thing on her mind for this Christmas... hopefully when we put the nativity out and get her books "The Real Story of Christmas" from her scholastic book order that opinion may change a little. she knows about Jesus, that He loves her and us, and that He expects her to be nice and respectful to people.... but i guess His birth just doesn't stand a chance over ho ho in her little brain right now.