Monday, August 24, 2009

Let It Go

i've realized a lot in the last couple of days. i realized that i need to concentrate on what's happening in my life now, and what's going to happen in my future. things that happened in my past are out of my control, they happened for a reason, and i've got to let it go. dwelling on the past is getting me nowhere. having my mind filled with the what if's won't help me to progress in any way. i need to concentrate on all of the blessings i've been given, and rejoice in the Lord for the many wonderful ways He has provided for me. i have an amazing husband, a gorgeous little girl, a cute little doggy, and a not-too-shabby family (well, i guess they're above par, actually). i have a roof over my head, and a good job. i need to concentrate on these things because i've been blessed with them for a reason.... not on things that could have been because they never evolved, so why should they matter?.... i've just got to let it go. and i'm okay with that.