Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello. Again.

it's been a while, again. does anybody still read this thing? probably not (besides you, Erica, that is...*AND BECKY :o)* ) i know i used to have a lot of little dots on my clustrmap and now i have maybe 20? probably not even that. oh well. the "popularity" was fun while it lasted, i guess!

so. i began a new school year today. summer went wayyy too fast. entirely too fast. like a bolt of lightning that snapped out of the sky, hit the ground, and retreated back to the sky fast. yup, that's how fast it seemed to go. we had an incredibly fun summer. the munchkin is almost potty trained (yess), she baked cookies for the first time with my grandma, did sparklers on the fourth of july, went to the aquarium in inner harbor, visited the beach for the first time and splashed like a wild chick-a-dee in the crashing waves ran for her life away from the water. i guess it wasn't that bad of a reaction, but still... it wasn't so great. she felt much safer with her cute little baby bum perched on a heap of beach towels with her pigs chilling out in the sand. she also started a new preschool and got signed up for dance class. yes, it was an amazing summer for us.

i think this year is going to prove to be an interesting one to say the least. i'm dealing with two extra groups of kids, teaching a subject i didn't sign up to teach, and am dealing with special education. see, i told you it was going to be interesting, didn't i? i also just found out from my husband that there is an opening for a volleyball coach at the middle school. volleyball is the one sport i LOVE. i love football (especially steeler football), swimming, and hockey... but volleyball is totally amazing to me. i played from the time i was in seventh grade clear until i was out of college. it wasn't always necessarily for school because i couldn't stand the coach at my high school, so i played intramural for years. but i was still involved in playing on some kind of team. with this opportunity comes two dilemmas. one of them is that i already have a part-time job (well, technically two of them) on the weekends. i work with troubled girls, and the one has told me that if i stop working with her, she will be very upset. so, if i choose to coach, then that would mean more work time for me, and less family time. we are trying to get a lot of our debt, etc. taken care of so that would be beneficial because i'm pretty sure there is a stipend for coaching, but i'm just not sure that more time away from my husband and girl is worth it. the second thing is that i'm far from being in the same shape now that i was in when i played volleyball. sigh. well, i guess i'll pray about it, and see what answer i'm given.

well, that's it for now. i know i'll have more interesting posts to create as the year starts with the kids, and with dance class.


Becky said...

I do. You forgot about me =(

Grace said...

I'm still here. Check in regularly. I know what you mean though about losing most of your readers. I'm not sure how many I have left, but since I only put pictures on there anymore for my grandma, most of them have dropped off. Of course many of my old readers are on Facebook with me so I still get to keep up with them.

I'm sorry they've changed what your teaching on you so close to school starting. That's a horrible way to start your year off I'm sure.

Please know that as usual I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you prepare and start your new year.