Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did I Get that Memo?

Organization is not my thing. at.all. I think I am one of the most disorganized, disheveled human beings I've ever met. I misplace papers, miss meetings because I lose the memo telling me the date the meeting is taking place, lose clothes, have a cluttered, unkempt house, do everything last minute in a hurried frenzy. But, that is who I am, and although it's frustrating on many days, I've come to accept my fault and have tried to find ways to work around it. Notice I said work around it... not fix it, not get rid of it, just work around it. I don't think there is any getting rid of or fixing to be had. I just have to figure out ways to side-step some of my disorganization to help me move a little more swiftly through my life. If you look at my house, it looks like an unorganized, cluttered person lives there.... and they do. And we have a double whammy because my husband is the exact same way.

One of the side-steps I've been doing is to get myself ready for school a week in advance *gasp*! Lesson plans being done for the next week the week before, and not the morning the new week beings?! That has literally never happened in my six years of teaching. Not even once. I have noticed that it helps to have at least something done and prepared because everything else is so unfunctional it's not even funny.

My husband and I are trying to work on our insanely unorganized life.... when you wake up in the morning, and can't find anything to wear until the second before you must walk out the door, it pretty much means that you need to find more side-steps to take to get yourself more together. Overflowing dishes, overflowing laundry, lost bills, lost shoes, lost silverware, a lost toddler.... it's all a part of our normal lives. We aren't dirty, we're just extremely, overly unorganized.

As I sit here and type this, I realize that I have missed another memo about a meeting that is taking place.... ok, I lied.... but it will happen this year!


Erica said...

Oh my gosh, you just described me! My hubby is pretty darn disorganized too, but he can't stand this about me! I know after 10 years of marriage he still wants the house cleaner, things more organized, clean clothes in the morning =)! Since I'm planning on going back for a teaching degree though it's good to know you can get through being a teacher how I am!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, yes you can get through being a teacher and being totally disorganized! I have two other teachers in my grade that are as disorganized as I am... and it makes me feel better! But, I do not think my disorganization gets in the way of me effectively teaching my students, and my kids always get really good state test scores. Trust me, you wouldn't be the first person to be a teacher and be a disorganized mess, and you DEFINITELY won't be the last! :o) When you need a pick-me-up, just let me know that you need to hear stories of my craziness, and I'll be glad to share!