Friday, August 14, 2009

Ready or Not

my last two posts have expressed my feelings about the upcoming school year, and all of the changes that have been made that threw me for a loop. what i want to do is to ask you (all like 5 of you, ha) for prayer. i'm extremely nervous about teaching special education. i know i can do it, but i have had no training (and i'm supposed to), and i am a nervous wreck. it's not because of the kids, it's because i feel like i am doing a disservice to them because i haven't been properly trained. they deserve a fully equipped teacher who has been trained on how to meet their individual needs. i'm going to try my butt off to do what i can do for them, and to make sure they learn as much as they can from me this year. i just wish i could go in to this situation with more confidence, and with a feeling of being ready to provide these kids with everything they need this year. and right now, that is not how i feel at all.... so, ready or not, here it comes full throttle, and i'm just along for the ride. i guess we'll see what direction this takes in the next couple of months!


Grace said...

Praying for sure!