Thursday, August 27, 2009


it's funny how toddlers grow, learn, and progress. i love watching my little one learn new things, and see the lightbulb go off in her little head when she gets something. i received an email today from telling me that my 30 month old should be able put her own shirt on, draw a circle, and draw a vertical line. it also said that she should know one color, recognize one friend, pay attention to one word directions, and be saying two to three word sentences. it cracks me up because the first part makes me feel like a bad parent. she can't put her own shirt on. she scribbles, but only once has it ever resembled a circle (but she did tell me it was a circle), and she definitely doesn't draw a vertical line (well, she doesn't know what a "line" is). on the other hand she knows all of her colors, all of her shapes, recognizes all of the letters in her name and about half of the alphabet (it said she should know her whole alphabet... bad parenting coming in to play once again), and she's starting to recognize most of the numbers, too. she knows most of her friends at her new school, and knew every single kid by name at her old babysitter's house. saying three to four word sentences? she was doing that when she was a little over one year old.... my munchkin says 8-12 word sentences half of the time. but, it just drives me crazy because it's like they have this perception that a child should be at a certain stage by a certain age or they aren't "good" enough or "smart" enough. why can't it be that they learn things in their own time.... and if they get to kindergarten and there are some major holes, then maybe be concerned. but she's two-and-a-half for cryin out loud. i think she knows a lot for being that young.... and the "experts" make me feel like i am a substandard parent because my child doesn't know everything they say she should... ugh. vent over.


Grace said...

I say to cancel that email service. I've learned lots from actually being a parent (instead of the smart person i thought I was after the early-childhoold education and working in preschools forever before i actually had children of my own) that no one child ever does everything that the books say they should be doing at any given time. Isaiah walked at two. Bethany could talk your leg off at 13 months old. When Jacob was in first grade, he could take a chapter book, open it, turn it upside down, and then reflect it in the mirror and read it like a college student. They are all different in what they can do. They are all different in what they care about. If M doesn't care about drawing a circle, then why should she want to draw a circle at the age of 2 1/2? From all I read of her, she seems like a very stable and bright little girl. That is all that's important. You're a good mom my friend. Keep up the good work.

Grace said...

Why is that my comments are always like reading a book :)?

Brianne said...

I actually contemplated deleting it because it made me upset. Thanks for the advice; it made me feel better! Don't worry about it being a book, I always love to read your responses and opinions/advice, etc. on stuff. It's always awesome. Thanks!! :o) <3