Monday, August 31, 2009


i will start off by admitting that i am a very, very spoiled person. my husband cooks, cleans, does dishes, does the bathrooms because i think it is totally gross. another thing he does every single morning is pack my lunch because he knows how much i adore my bed, and sacrifices so i can sleep in a little longer (amazing, i know). i've been very blessed with a good husband and daddy to our girl. i've also been blessed because my husband does little things to try and make me feel and know how much he loves me. it's these simple little things that mean so much. i don't need expensive gifts to know how much he loves me. so today i find this:

"have a great day. i love you so much. i will miss you today and think about you all day long. you are an amazing wife and mommy and i can't think of anyone i'd rather be with forever. i love you"

that note was in my lunchbox, and it completely melted my heart


Erica said...

My hubby leaves me notes occasionally. One day I found two hidden in different places, turns out there was another in my drawer too! So sweet, but I'll tell ya, your hubby can come give mine some lessons about the house stuff (of course I don't work outside the house) LOL!

tutu said...


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