Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trying to Love

I am trying to be a good Christian, really I am trying! Christ instructs us to love everybody, just as He loves everybody. My only problem is that I am totally 100% completely HUMAN! I try to get along with everyone, and find at least some good in each person I come across. I try to remember what My Father instructs me to do, but sometimes it's just so hard. Obviously this is leading to something, so I'll just get on with it... one of the women I work with drives me nuts. It's so hard having to be around her every single day. It is always so nice when she has lunch duty, and we don't have to listen to her. She's so self centered it's ridiculous. Everything has to be about her, or her son, or anything that comes close to encompassing her life. If someone asks you a question about yourself or your child, you can't even get a complete sentence out without her blurting out, "Well, I did...", or ,"My son does..." A conversation can never be about anyone else's life because she! I'm not the only one that is totally bothered by this, either. Whenever she does something, she wants huge recoginiton for it, even if someone else has already done the same thing. She also won't hesitate to make you look bad so she'll look great (even when it comes down to giving false information about someone, and not finding out the truth before she opens her mouth). She is recently divorced, and has lost a lot of weight. Yes, she looks great, but that doesn't give her the excuse or permission to hang all over our married vice principal (even at school functions like the PTA Holiday Concert). She also didn't hesitate let people know that she may be pregnant, but didn't know which one of 4 guys would be the father; YET she is seen in the community as a Godly, loving, empathetic, sweet person. I don't know how many times I've heard what a wonderful person she is, and I only want to mutter back, "you should try working with her, and your point of view will do a 360 degree change".

My husband and I went out to dinner tonight. After going to this "girls" house last night before my faculty Christmas Social, can you guess who was the main topic of our conversation? I am trying so hard to have a positive attitude toward her, but there are times when it gets so hard because of the things she does. It offends me when someone asks ME how MY daughter is doing, and I can't even get "She's doing well, she has been..." out until I'm cut off so she can tell everyone yet another thing about her child.

Please pray that God will help my attitude, and that He will put in my heart to be a more loving example. Please pray that His presence will fill my heart and mind, and that I will not be so negative about this person. I know she's not going to change, so I am the one that needs the attitude adjustment in order to be more like Christ, whom I try and want to emulate!


Becky said...

Oh girl, that would drive me CRAZY!! The lady that was like that at my work got fired, and I did a little dance when it happened :) Was that wrong of me?