Saturday, December 13, 2008


I don't know if I have told all of blogdom about my obsession with ornaments or not, but you're about ready to be told! Ever since I was born, my parents and paternal grandparents have gotten me a Christmas ornament each year. I basically have a ton of them, and was able to decorate my own Christmas tree when I moved out and got married. I cherish this collection. It's one of my absolute favorite things I own. My mom and dad still get my brother and me an ornament every year. This year, mine was a set of spun glass (my favorite favorite type of ornament) icicles with Mickey Mouse's head at the top. They went to Disney World the week before Thanksgiving, so that was one of my presents. We've even started the tradition with our little angel. She's not even 2 years old yet, and has 4 ornaments of her own already. I look forward to the surprise of what kind of ornament my mom has picked out for me each year.

Well, my husband knows I love ornaments, especially glass ones. There is a glass studio 2 hours north of us in Staunton, Virginia. They have a cool thing where you can come and blow your own glass ornament. These two pictures (there are more, which you'll see) are of MY ornament that I BLEW (not to sound disgusting or anything, but there really isn't any other way to put it)!! I got to choose the colors, so I chose multi-colored OF COURSE. Then, I got to watch him take my glob of scorching hot glass, put it back in the fire and rotate it to shape it in to a ball, he blew in to it a little bit, dipped it in to the multi-colored glass bits to make my colorful ornament, then I got to blow a steady, low pressure flow of air in to the ornament while he shaped it. These two pictures are of the guy putting an extra glob of glass on top to make the hole for where the hook goes. I think this is going to become a tradition because I loved it.

I also found a local potter in town (pottery is another one of my obsessions), and I got a new awesome purple and tan pottery coffee mug yesterday. He's also going to make me a set of stoneware dishes; which is something I've longed to have for a very long time. All in all, yesterday was an amazing day. Crazy, but totally amazing!


Erica said...

That is very cool! I love the colors and love ornaments like this! Unfortunately I have a tree shaking 10 month old who would shake anything delicate right onto the floor (are angel already fell off)! I do think ornament giving is a great tradition!

Erica said...

Yes, when I was taking pictures the moon looked huge, but it didn't show in that pic, the ones it looked big in were all blurry due to fast moving clouds.
My baby's birthday is Jan.24! Not all my babies were so active and nosy at this age! This is the first year I remember having are tree shaken!

Shelly said...

so so pretty!