Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday :o)

It's been a while since I've done one of these!!
* I absolutely did not leave a bag of cucumbers out in my classroom since before we left for Thanksgiving.... and I didn't walk in my room this morning, and about keel over dead because of the stench!
* I didn't find every excuse possible to not clean the house this weekend because I had a cold/fluish sort of thing going on, and I just felt like laying around and being lazy.
* After taking medicine for the aforementioned cold (Vicks 44D PM), and having the meds knock me out~ I didn't pretend that I didn't hear our daughter screaming her lungs out in the middle of the night last night because I couldn't drag myself out of bed. My hubster was feeling fine, and I didn't think that he could take care of her all alone.
* Once I finished making peanut butter rice krispie treats, I didn't oblige my adorable little munchkin everytime she went to the counter and asked for "butter, pease" because she LOVED them. I wouldn't let my child eat that kind of stuff. (Really she doesn't get that much sugar, and when she does, she goes hogwild).
* I wasn't a mean wife, and I didn't laugh in my husband's face when his mother told him that his brother was back with his pathetic, psycho, looney ex-girlfriend. I also didn't rub it in to my husband's face that this is going to be his sister in law (I'm not claiming her), and that he'll get to deal with her every time we're at their house. (I also didn't totally go off on said lunatic the Christmas that I was pregnant because I wasn't about to pop, my patience weren't a millimeter thick, and she didn't get on my nerves). I totally wouldn't have told my husband that the second she gets on my nerves (now that she's basically in the family for good because this is like the 10th time they've broken up, and neither of them can find anyone else... sorry but it's true) this Christmas, I am going off on her. She sits there and says inappropriate stuff, and asks him every other second "do you still love me?" Can you TELL WHY SHE DRIVES ME NUTS??? Sorry.... rampaging a little!
* In the last 2 weeks I haven't had a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks twice, and a Hoho Mint Mocha from Caribou! I wasn't in heaven at all while enjoying my pepperminty, holiday goodness!!!
* I haven't slacked off in putting up my Christmas tree. It wasn't supposed to be up Saturday, and it's not still sitting in our shed!
* I was not exhausted today, and did not keep mixing up my words while teaching. One of my little boys, who knows way too much for his age, didn't look at me and ask, "Have you had too much to drink already today?". Because, you know, I'm always on top of my game, and I always know what I'm doing and saying because I'm cool like that :o)
Head on over to MckMama's blog, and see what other people didn't do this week!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I laughed hard at your gf part. Great to add mental people into our families! Thanks for sharing!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I had to laugh again when I saw your comment. I teach 4th grade as well. Too bad you don't live closer, or our "monster sized" children could play!