Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Teacher

Since Christmas is right around the corner (hard to believe it's a week away!), my students are starting to bring in a plether of gifts for me. I love it when they come in, carrying the brightly colored bag, with a glorious, shining expression on their faces. It's so cute because they can't wait to give me the gift, and watch my face as I open their present. Over the last 5 years, I have received some pretty interesting presents, and I have also received some really awesome presents. I teach in a very poor area of Virginia, so a lot of the presents are hand-me-downs. I don't care because it's the thought that counts, but I get a kick out of some of them. Here are my top "interesting" and "favorite" presents:

* A Christmas teddy bear that had dead bugs throughout it; like implanted in to the fur!
* Cookies with cat fur hanging off of the plate and in throughout the cookies (and, yes, she asked me to eat one as soon as she handed the plate to me)
* A Christmas mug that was chipped, and obviously used numerous times

* Barnes and Noble gift card ~ that rocked
* Candle with stained glass shade (the first two were from the same kid... he got an A for the semester, for sure! JUST KIDDING)
* Snow globe ornaments
* A tin of "International Delights" powdered coffee mix because he knew I loved the stuff, and drank it daily (sweet and very thoughtful)
* Rubber duckies for my baby girl
* Truffles

All Time Favorite
* A note thanking me for being an awesome teacher, for loving him "as my own child", for "being like a mom" to him, and for "touching his heart and soul" That made me bawl, for sure!

I've already been told that I'll be getting more things tomorrow. One of my little boys knows that I am crazy about glass stuff, so his mom found a glass fish and spun glass angel for me.

It's so cute to see what they bring in, and how excited they are to be giving me something that they chose. I give each of them a huge hug, and a big thank you because I appreciate their effort to think of me.


Becky said...

Oh that is so sweet!!! Those little kiddos can really make it worth it, can't they?
My favorite is the teddy bear complete with bugs. LOL

And my goodness what a little miracle you are! I can't believe you only weighed 3 pounds. That's just amazing. And did you read Kayleigh's blog this morning???

Erica said...

Oh No, I didn't even think of this...I feel so stupid...tomorrow is there last day, if my husband gets home soon I'm going to run out get my kid's teachers something! If my head my screwed on I would have tried to find out what they like! Enjoy your gifts and thanks for reminding me!

Becky said...

OK, your letter is S!! Have fun :)

Grace said...

Bugs? Yuck! All of my kids teachers got a caramel apple cake this year!!