Monday, December 29, 2008

Home and Prayers

Well, we are home.. finally! A week away seemed like a year. We were definitely ready to get back to our house, and our beds! Even our munchkin asked for "my bed"! I have a TON of pictures to post of this Christmas... and they are super cute. It was so much more fun this year with our punkins being almost 2 instead of 10 months... a lot more action! I also have some funny stories about a *sneaky* toddler! Those will all come throughout the week!

Please pray for Stellan! Remember, the baby who wasn't supposed to make it out of his mom's womb? Well, the miracle baby is needing more prayer! He is having trouble breathing, and his heart rate is up... head over to MckMama's blog (click on the picture of her and her kiddos on my sidebar).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Any fun plans for New Years? Our fun plans consist of being in bed by 10 :o) and I'm NOT complaining!


Becky said...

So glad you're back and had a great time! I know the feeling - there's nothing better than your own bed :) Can't wait to see the pictures!!