Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a Bad Mother ~ Second Edition

So, you know you're a bad mother when your sleepy I-did-not-sleep-a-wink-at-all-at-Mingie-and-Papa's-house 19 month old is screaming for oesh (Cheerios) and she has to keep screaming because you CAN'T.FIND.THEM.ANYWHERE! And, of course, the sleep deprived child has no clue that you are trying your hardest to find her oesh so she can chow down; which causes her to scream louder!

I also did not attempt to put a long sleeved, heavy cotton dress on my kid today in the 85 degree weather just because I knew she'd be adorable in it (and I wanted her to sport her spiffy new bargain clothes from Gymboree). HMMMMMM.... sounds like the makings of another "Not Me! Monday"! :o)

Oh, the woes of being a "bad" Mom!