Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Suggestions, Anybody?

OK, I need help! I need MAJOR HELP! We are spending approximately $600-700 (or more) a month on groceries! It's getting ridiculous, and we need to come up with ideas to help cut the costs. We have a 19 month old, and she's still in diapers, but not on formula anymore... thank goodness! We have a budget set for about $100-120 a week, but it's just not working. Everything is so expensive. We want to include fresh fruits/vegetables in to our meals, but they're getting insanely expensive, too! So, can anyone please give meal ideas, budget ideas, WHATEVER ideas to HELP US CUT OUR GROCERY BILL DOWN! Thank you in advance :)


Grace said...

Do you have a menu? If you don't, then do it, now! I'm talking for all your meals... breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner! It helps to know exactly what you need when you go to the grocery store! I have a 3 week rotation for dinners, and one week for everything else! Don't buy brand name stuff! The store brands work just fine and generally cost alot less. Do you use brand-name diapers and wipes? I never did, I always used the store brand (usually Walmart) diapers and white cloud wipes and never had a prob with them!! Cut out all the preboxed junk food, if you buy that kind of stuff. It costs money and it's not good for you anyway.