Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I gotta brag a little on my hubster (especially since I will make him look like a jerk in the next post. He's not a jerk, really he's not, he just likes stupid, inappropriate cartoons). First of all, his birthday is next week (the big 3-0)!!! My parents have decided that our birthdays are going to be our big gifts, and then Christmas is going to be small so they can help needy people out at Christmas time by donating the money that they would have used to purchase us presents. I love that idea! Anyway, my husband asked for a new set of good knives, some new clothes, and a waffle maker for his birthday. When I asked him why he wanted a waffle maker, his comment was, "So I can make my girls waffles in bed every Saturday morning". How insanely sweet and cute is that? <3

Then, we were discussing what we were asking his mother for as gifts this Christmas. We give her a list of stuff, then she gets most of what we want, and then gets small surprises, too. In a previous post, I said that my "big" gift was going to be a Nintendo DS with the game Brain Age 2. My hubster, however, wants a gift card to go out to dinner, and for his parents to babysit our munchkins so he and I can go out alone. He said that he doesn't want anything else other than dinner and babysitting because "spending time with his family is the greatest gift he could ever receive". It melts my heart!! Then it makes me feel guilty cuz I want something for my own pleasure, and he wants something that deals with our family!

I do have to admit, I am pretty blessed in the husband department. While we don't always get along or see eye to eye (who does?), he's one stinkin awesome guy! :o) <3