Sunday, October 5, 2008

A 3 Thing List (Including a Letter)

Numero Uno ~
Our punkins doesn't have walking pneumonia (she had all of the symptoms except for diarrhea, and I was a little worried)!! Yay!!!! BTW, isn't she just a teeny bit cute?? :o)
Numero Dos ~
Yes, "Obbypiss" is octopus. I didn't know what it meant right away because she said it like 10 minutes after I told her what she had seen. And "appyoss" is applesauce, which is something she LOVES. My dad guessed octopus right away, too. We're not teaching our kid swear words (I thought it kinda sounded like "I'll be pissed" as did other people).
Numero 3 (Letter time)~
Dear Lady in the Huge SUV that We Were Following Yesterday,
I just thought is probably a little imperative that you find this piece of information out soon. When you want to switch lanes from the fast lane to the slow/regular speed limit lane YOU USE YOUR RIGHT TURN SIGNAL ~ NOT YOUR LEFT. Your right turn signal is UP and your left turn signal is DOWN! Although you gave me quite a laugh (tear inducing to be exact), it can be kinda dangerous. I guess whoever taught you to drive should either be fired or banned from getting behind the wheel of a car. That's all.
The End
BTW.... we're having a semi-Thanksgiving like dinner tonight. But, my dad's stuffing and turkey are better than mine (and his mom's is even better than his)


Grace said...

I'm so glad it's not serious. Bee has had what I thought was allergies for about a week now, and then Saturday evening she came down with a fever and her cough got worse. Upon calling my sil whom we'd just spent the entire day with, her little girl was doing the same thing... lovely! I kept her home from church all day yesterday and made her rest alot and she seems to be doing better today, still sneezing and snotty, but no fever and less coughing!