Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wait a Stinkin Second!

OK, we've experienced first at our house, and I thought I'd share this first experience with you. Yesterday was my husband's 30th birthday. On your birthday, you get cards, phone calls, presents, etc. because it's your birthday. So, he opened his card from one of his aunt's on his father's side, and inside there was a $20 bill. However, that $20 was not for my husband (whose birthday was yesterday, remember); no, that money was for the KID on her father's birthday. We had a mini-discussion about this, and have decided that if things are going to start heading downhill like this and she starts getting our birthday presents/money, Christmas presents/money, we're totally sending her back. She can't take over like that! (If you don't know I'm just KIDDING), but seriously, how does she get money when it's not even her day? I guess this just proves our theory even more that she IS a princess! We got quite a laugh out of that one!