Thursday, February 11, 2010

who knew?

i learned a little lesson from my kiddo tonight while i was brushing her teeth. i was telling her that we need to take her to a dentist, and explained that a dentist is a doctor for your teeth. i figured it is about time, considering she'll be 3 in two weeks. while i was telling her about the dentist, i could see her little brain churning. then, she tells me, "oh, mama, you mean da old doctor dat checks my mouf? yeah... i just tell da old doctor when he tells me to open my mouf dat i don't haves any animals in my teeeesss. and den he goes away!"

i think i am going to try this tactic when i go back to the dentist, and he harps on me for not getting my root canal done. i'll just tell him that i don't have any animals in my teeth, and he'll go away. who knew it was that easy?!?!