Saturday, February 6, 2010

Letter ~ Take Three

Dear Snow,

I am writing this letter to you to find out if you are ever going to stop falling? Like, ever ever? I enjoyed you the for the first 10 inches you blanketed us with in December. It was really pretty. And, it also didn't cause us to change our plans for Christmas. I, the silly person that I am, thought you would be done with us down here; because let's face it, we usually just get ice in this part of the state. But, no, you had other plans. You decided to pile another 10-15 inches on us last weekend. This, in turn, caused us to miss an entire week of school, caused me to not get my hours in for my second/third job(s), and made me kind of go a little stir-crazy. Five days stuck in your house is quite a lot, don't you think? However, you still found it necessary to give us yet another 10 inches this weekend (so far, including some sleet, too). I predict this will cause us to be out of school again until at least Wednesday, maybe more. And, now, I have two weekends, yes, two short weekends (depending on whether you decide to dump on us again next weekend), to get my entire 40 hours of work in from my two extra jobs to meet my hour requirement for the month. That is going to kick my hiney. So, snow, I am begging, even pleading, for you to stop. Please? My spring break is probably going to be ruined, on top of the extra money I need to pay our bills. If you loved me at all, you would just decide to taper off, and let no more flakes fall. If it starts icing on Tuesday, I will have a letter ready for the ice, too.

Thank You Kindly,
A Stir-Crazy, Batty Woman