Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Week in Review

We have had almost a total of two weeks off from school. Here are some things I've done to keep myself busy (or the lack thereof):

*mopped the kitchen floor twice (you can eat off of it, seriously)
* wiped down all the surfaces in the kitchen
* watched my husband freak out when the dishwasher decided it doesn't want to work anymore (being that it's only a couple years old, that sucks... but my husband knew it wasn't installed right and did nothing about it, so it's kinda his fault, too)
* spent mega time with my girl and boy
* watched my child dance to all of her songs
* cleaned and rearranged the munch's bedroom
* spent time with our faves
* cooked some pretty awesome dinners
* set up a meeting for tomorrow morning (this would mean that i actually want to miss school tomorrow) that has a massive potential to change the rest of my life {yay}
* been totally, hatefully nasty to my husband .... i'll leave it at the fact that i was overcome by *something* and every once in a while, that something causes me to act like a polar opposite of myself... it's not an excuse, and i apologized in an immense way... but it's the truth
* almost had to find a new home
* spent wayyyyyyyyy too much time on facebook
* read
* did devotions more than my usual
* was lazzzzzyyyyyyyyy
* helped my kid make her garden stepping stones for both sets of grandparents for their Christmas presents
* worked a bit for my second job
* got addicted to judge judy
* bummed around in jammies wayy too much
* decided i MUST buy autocrat coffee syrup as soon as i get paid
* picked out my scents for my next goat milk soap purchase cuz i'm down to my last bar (can't wait)
* contemplated calling the candle store in lititz, pa, and getting a couple more candles ordered for when we go up cuz we're almost out of them, too, and they are my guilty pleasure
* didn't exercise once cuz the Y was closed, or else i had other *issues* :/
* wish i would have done more, but am kinda happy with what we got accomplished

and, that's enough for now!!! :o)