Monday, February 1, 2010


I got an e-card from my dad today. I guess I should have prefaced this with the fact that tomorrow is my **gulp** thirtieth birthday. Wow, does that sound weird. I'm not in my twenties any more. Yikes!!! Anywho.. I got a lovely e-card from my dad, and it made me tear up. Here is what it said:

In all the world there's only one you
You have a laugh, a smile
A heart that noone else can duplicate or replace
That's because you are a special creation of God
He formed you with His hand and loves you with all His heart
You are a blessing to those around you
And your life is a wonderful reason to thank God
Happy Birthday

Then, the message he sent was this:
Dear B
We are so very proud of you and the fantastic Christian woman you have become. We thank the Lord for blessing our lives with you. Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

We Love You,
Mom and Dad

Things like that make me happy. And, it's also nice to know that people can see God shining through me, even when I don't think I do such a hot job at my role of being a Christian. I try, but I fail way too much... too much to even want to talk about.