Monday, September 14, 2009

The Itchy B@*$*!y 'Pider

my last post talked about what silly things come out of my munchkin's mouth. i love hearing her talk because she has such a cute, little munchkin voice, and she says things that are sooo funny. well... i was in the computer room the other day being a bad mom on facebook instead of tending to my child (i don't have to admit that, right?), and she was walking around the house singing. she loves to sing, which that is even an understatement. she will even sing what she is having for dinner. so, back to the other day walking around the house... she's singing, and all of a sudden my husband comes to the door and goes, "stop what you're doing and listen to her... just be really quiet and hear what she is saying". so i quit what i was doing, perked my ears up really well, and listened. the next thing i hear out of her mouth is "da itchy bitchy 'pider goed up da wawer 'pout... down camed da rain and wassed a 'pider out... out camed da sun and dried up aww da rain and da itchy bitchy 'pider goed up da pout again.... yaaaayyy!" so i know it looks like she hears swearing at home. she doesn't... i promise. usually she sings it the "issy bissy 'pider", but i guess it was itchy and bitchy the other day. any way, it was hysterical and i think we both laughed until we cried.

another thing she says that makes it sound like we swear around her is she calls ice cream "ass cream".... we live in VA, and the kiddo is picking up on some of the southern accent. i'm trying to get her to not do that, but when she looks at you and says, "can i have some ass cream palease?" it makes you want to dig out the preparation h and say "here's the ass cream, honey, have fun". my dad has told her that he didn't have any at home, but when he got some at the store, he'd share with her.

i swear i love love love love love love love love lover her.


Grace said...

I haven't been over here for awhile apparently cause I missed this story! That is hiliarous! Isaiah did the same thing when he was little and we lived in KY. Anything with the word "ice" in it, automatically turned into "ass"! The teenagers in our youth group that it was great and they'd ask him questions to get him to answer with "ice"!