Monday, April 6, 2009


Just thought this had to be documented because it is utterly hilarious (in my opinion).... a conversation between myself and one of my students when asking her to take a form to one of my coworkers~

Me: Will you please take this note and envelope down to Ms. A's (not real name obvi) office for me, please?

E: Sure

Me: You know who Ms. A is, don't you?

E: Yup, she's the lady that has the room attached to the library, and she is also the chick with the six toes

Me (flabbergasted, trying to remain a composed, professional adult): Ummmmm *snicker* yes, that is *snicker* who you should take it to *snicker*

E: (sensing I was about ready to laugh) Well, you know she does have six toes... I've counted before. One sticks way up in the air because there isn't enough room for it on her foot.... I've really never seen a six toed person before. Have you?

Me: *about ready to die* Seriously, please just go take that to her....

as she leaves, I totally bust up and all of my kids go insane

Then, I have a meeting with Ms. A this afternoon, and while she is talking, what am I doing? Nope, definitely not counting to see if she really has six toes!!


Becky said...

Bahahahahaha! That's too much! Does she really have 6 toes??? You know, she could probably have that removed.

Becky said...

...or at least not wear sandals.

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

i don't know if she has 6 or not... i've noticed something funky about her one foot while she was in sandals the one day, but i didn't think it was 6 toes! i about died when she said that... i seriously could not contain myself. i laughed like a kid!