Thursday, April 16, 2009


~ i love it when sleeping for an extra 15 minutes feels like an extra hour... so refreshing!
~ my little artist painted for the first time this weekend, and she LOVED it... so so so cute <3
~ we had two first Easter egg hunts this weekend, and it was a blast
~ getting stuck behind slow drivers when we've been on the road for what seems like forever really drives me batty
~ i seriously, insanely love.... i mean love.. my bed
~ it's always fun when your kiddo goes to the doctor for a "routine checkup" after turning a certain age, and the diagnosis comes out that she has strep... ugh!
~ i can't wait for summer... cannot wait!... not for the weather, but for doing fun stuff with my girl
~ our girl is going to her new preschool this fall YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
~ at her new preschool, she will learn to cut, write her name, do crafts, crafts, crafts, and go on field trips... no sitting in front of a t.v. anymore... whew!
~ i really love my husband, but his stubborn-ness really gets to me sometimes
~ i could have spring break three times a year.... that would be a wonderful concept!
~ the vibrant purples, pinks, yellows, and greens make me happy
~ my hubster and i are going to see lord of the dance in a week and a day... cannot wait!
~ i am going to have the pleasure of suffering through watching the new hannah montanta movie twice this weekend... what fun!
~ grandparents spoil grandchildren wayyyyy too much.... but that's not such a bad thing
~ our girl is finally not "off the charts" any longer.... 88% for height and 65% for weight... she used to be wayyyy off the charts as far as height goes.... mommy is NOT complaining :o)
~ the pediatrician also confirmed to my husband today that for our 2 year old to know the characters, theme songs, and songs throughout 90% of the shows on Noggin is pretty much NOT a good thing... she said it's time to move on to a new place for kiddo... a place she may actually learn something!!
~ that is enough random-ness for now :o)