Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Great Protector

this week, i got a taste of what it feels like to want to protect my family. my husband has been having a time and a half with his assitant principal. she is in his room about 3 times a week (or more sometimes), can never find a thing that he does right, and has even stooped to the level of hiding outside his window (yes outdoors) to spy on him. my husband is not a patient man. i think he has a milli-iota of patience in him, and that goes away very quickly. needless to say this stalking, harrassing that has been going on has made him a very not-so-pleasant hubster to be around. it's not his fault because he has just felt so overwhelmed, but it can only go on for so long without starting to negatively affect the home front. after being put down again on monday, and a meeting was demanded for the next day, good old wifey stepped up, called the acting principal, and asked her to please help. to please help a man i don't want to see in the hospital due to having a heart attack. to please help the father of an adorable two year old who needs to have her good, awesome daddy around to play with her, love her, and snuggle her. i didn't know where else to turn to in the physical presence. i prayed. a.lot. i was seriously worried.... very worried about what the possible outcome could be. but, God answered my prayers, and He took care of the situation. thankfully the asst. principal heard directly from my husband's mouth that he, and his colleagues, felt that she was harrassing him, and she has seen that she needs to seriously back off. my boy is back to his cute self, and hasn't been grumpy, jittery, twitchy, or just irritable since tuesday.... yay! it seems kind of funny that i was the one who did the sticking-up for him because he's 6'6" and i'm a whole whopping 5'2", but it worked :o) even us little guys can take care of business... ha!



If your husband feels he is being unduly harassed, perhaps he needs to file a formal complaint with the district office. It seems there’s a serious issue somewhere in all this and it’s best to handle it thru proper channels so it’s all documented.