Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This sooooo totally needed to be rehashed... I've sorta lost my way, and it's only 4 months in!! Better get back at it!!

It's here... a fresh start, a new beginning, time to try and undo all of things I did last year that I shouldn't have. I have a huge list of not-so-much "resolutions", but more like goals, that I am bound and determined to accomplish this year. I look at this year with much excitement, anticipation, and determination! Here are my 2009 resolutions ~

Personal ~
*Lose this weight, dangit ~ the healthy way!
* Exercise at least 4 days a week
* Walk at least 1 mile a day, and incorporate weight training
* Be able to jog/run in the next few months, and increase it to do a few miles a day
* Drink at least 100 ozs. of water a day
* Eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day
* Lower sugar and sodium intake
* Eat more veggies (the only ones I eat now are cooked corn, green beans, and raw broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and cucumbers)
* Be a better mother
* Be a better wife
* Wash my face twice a day
* Read more to my girl every day
* Play more with my girl every day
* with blocks, Play-doh, baby dolls, singing
* Do crafts with my girl
* Spend less time on the Internet... this is gonna be hard!
* Be more active around the house, and watch less TV

House ~
* Keep house clean and neat (we've done an amazing job cleaning so far this week!)
* Vacuum and dust the house every Saturday
* Keep the kitchen floor and counters clean
* Get every single room in neat and tidy order (our computer room looks like a tornado hit it)
* Get the bathroom redone so the princess can bathe in the bathtub instead of the kitchen sink
* Get all of the dead bushes (the guy that lived here before us killed them, not us) out of the flower beds, and redo the flower beds
* Keep my house feeling cozy and comfy, not messy
* Get a new fridge
* Get a kitchen table and chairs (we don't have one!)

Christian ~
* Have a better relationship with God
* Emulate Him more
* Concentrate on Him more
* Read through the Bible
* Do devotions every single day
* Pray more
* Pray more with our munchkin
* Read Bible stories to her
* Encourage my husband to have a better relationship with God
* Read Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and The Beautiful Fight by Gary L. Thomas
* Make it to church more often... we use the toddler as a cop-out sometimes because during church is her naptime ~ hate to admit it, but it's true!

Financial ~
* Keep track of both accounts (we're heinous at doing that)

* Stop overdrawing (because we're stupid and don't keep track)
* Get medical bills and orthodontist paid off
* Stop spending foolishly

* Go out to eat ONCE a month (not ten times)
* Start a savings account (shoulda done that LONG ago)
* Start tithing again (missionaries, a Christian food service at my parents church, and just at our church)

And there you have it, all of my goals for 2009! Hopefully at the beginning of 2010 (which will be here wayyyy faster than we think), you will read a post about how wonderfully I did on all of these resolutions! :o) With God as my source of strength, I know I can do this. I am praying many times throughout the day that He will keep me strong. By leaning on Him, all things are possible!



Suggestion: While it's nice to set year long goals, I have always found it best to have the goal to live life one day at a time and set my face before God every day. In so doing, I have found those long term goals take care of themselves and I am better able to focus on a life devoted to Christ.

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

true true! thanks for the advice

Erica said...

Yeah, I soooooo need to relook at my resolutions! I CAN'T believe the year is almost half way through!!