Thursday, April 9, 2009


one more day until we have a full week off for spring break. i am so totally not in desperate need of this break. nope. my kids aren't driving me insane. nope. i'm not ready to pull my hair out, either. nope. if one of them comes up and tattles on another classmate, i won't flip out and totally lose my cool. nope. as you can tell, i am so not in need of a long, luxurious, wonderful week off. nope. i think i should just start teaching every single day of the year. no breaks at all. yup... haha NOT! nope. :o)


Grace said...

Ours was this week. I needed it and I'm not in the classroom EVERY. SINGLE. BLESSED. DAY. So I can only imagine how much a teacher needs her spring break. Enjoy and try to relax.