Saturday, March 7, 2009

SiMpLe ThInGs

let me start out by telling you the precursor to this post.... last weekend we headed to amish country. we went to celebrate both my birthday (feb. 2) and our munchkin's birthday (feb. 27) with our families. in my family, it is birthday tradition to be taken out to a restaurant of your choice for your birthday dinner. i knew we were going out for my dinner, and had a couple of places in mind. the one plan didn't work because of a princess (who happened to be very sleepy), and her schedule didn't work out with the restaurant's schedule. so, i decided to go with olive garden. we don't get to go out to eat much, and olive garden is one of my favorite restaurants. i went in to put our name on the list, and it was jam-packed. the wait was 55-60 mins, which is so not doable with a 2 year old. so we brain stormed, and tried to think of somewhere else to go. my dad mentioned doc hollidays. this wasn't good for 2 reasons 1) i'm not a big meat fan. i could so be a vegetarian, but just haven't gotten around to doing that (probably never will either) and 2) the last time my hubster and i went to a doc hollidays when we were dating, it was seriously gross. i was just thankful for the opportunity to have dinner with my family, and we all headed to doc hollidays. my poor brother got physically ill from what we had to eat, my husband's prime rib was so salty it made him dizzy (can you say high blood pressure), my mom and i had beer battered fish and chips and they tasted like they were covered in pure beer, and my dad had baby back ribs... they were amazing (the ribs, that is). so, nobody really enjoyed their dinner except for my dad (my husband didn't mind his because he had a hunk of cow, but it still made him dizzy). my dad also shared his ribs with me, so the end of my dinner was good, too. wow... that was a pretty long precursor!!

fast forward to last night

we had one day of school this week, and it was weird being away from my husband and baby girl yesterday. things have been pretty rockin in our marriage after a major slump, so we've been really enjoying being with each other. after we got in the car, we had to run and get something for my little critters, and we discussed the fajitas we were planning on having for dinner. i asked adam if he wanted to run and get something yummy for dessert, and he said he'd think about it while i was in the pet shop. after i came back, he gets this grin on his face (you can tell he's either being ornery or has something up his sleeve because he has a massive dimple, and it's the truth-teller 100%). he kinda got all cute on me, and all sweet and was like.... "well, i know you were really disappointed in your birthday dinner, and i've felt so badly that you didn't get to go where you wanted to go. so i thought maybe we could run home, change the kiddo (she was gross from daycare), and go out as a family". how sweet!! he had it planned all week long <3>