Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Baby Stellan is back in the hospital with some pretty serious heart issues. We have prayed and prayed over this baby boy for months and months, and it is time to step it up, and pray harder. Please pray for the earthly doctors that are taking care of him, and that God will show them the best route to take with making Stellan's heart better. Please pray for his family. I cannot imagine what his mother is going through, but she has the peace that passes all understanding, and she knows that God's plans for her baby boy are already set in place; whether it is that he goes home to his family or he goes home to be with our great Lord. I have been praying all day and night, and have signed up on a couple of prayer blogs to spend a set out amount of time to pray specifically for Stellan, the doctors, and their whole family. Thank you for praying for Stellan and his family, I know his mom and dad sincerely appreciate it!!

Loving Heavenly Father, I pray that you will please be with Stellan. I pray that you will please give the doctors working wtih him the utmost, clearest wisdom, and that they will know what will be the best route to take care of this precious boy's heart. I pray that you will give his family peace in this situation, and that they will feel your loving arms constantly eveloping them and holding them. I thank you for your love, and for caring for your flock, even though we deserve none of it. Amen