Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh my gosh....

convo with the kiddo

me: hey, sissy, do you want to read a book with mommy?
her: yes, wead a book, palease
me: ok, go get mommy one of your books and we can read
her: i get dis book, mommy
me: yes, you can get that book. do you want to read "goodnight moon" too? we can read two books
her: oh my gosh, you're kidding!
me: nope, i'm not kidding. mommy will read lots of books with you

her: oh my gosh, you're kidding
me: mommy will really read you lots of books... because i love you
her: i wuva yeeew, mommy!

convo with the husband

me: so, yeah, my kids really weren't good today at.all.
him: neither were mine, i'm ready to be done with school
me: totally! oh, just to let you know, i have a meeting tonight for my other job, so we need to eat dinner early
munchkin: oh my gosh, you're kidding!

convo to the dog

kid: coley, no take-a my food!
dog: whining uncontrollably to get his chops on some human food
kid: coley, morgan sayed no!
dog: still whining for food, and jumping at her while she's trying to have a conversation with him
kid: oh my gosh, you're kidding! coley, you need-a lissen-a me now!

i don't know where this "oh my gosh, you're kidding" thing is coming from, but she didn't learn it at home. it's kinda funny cuz she uses it appropriately.


Becky said...

I LOVE it!!!! That is so hilarious!

Erica said...

TOO Cute!