Thursday, March 19, 2009

help.... por favor!

I am a huge coffee freak. Like HUGE. I'm getting to the point that I can't go a day without having it in the morning. This is occasionally substituted with tea and raw honey, but I'm on a mega coffee kick lately. So, here is my dilemma. And, I need help. Seriously. I suck.... literally suck at making a good cup of coffee. I either get it too strong or wayyyy too weak, and it tastes nasty. We've been spending money to go to McDonalds every morning just for 2 large coffees. This is where you come in... please tell me how to make good coffee. I'd rather make it at home or in my classroom so I can have more than one cup. I've tried numerous times to make a good, quality pot of coffee, and have had no success whatsoever. None.

So, peeps, it is your job to help a friend out. Give some pointers on how to brew a satisfying, good pot of coffee. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'll even return the favor and give you advice on how make your kid say funny stuff, or how to make a fourth grader seem less annoying. I am even contemplating purchasing Gevalia Kaffe, and hoping that a miracle will come out of it, but I pretty much don't think that will happen. Now, get commenting cuz I'm tired of waiting in the drive-thru! Thank you muches <3


Becky said...

Sorry, dear, I have nothing for you!!! I visit my local Starbucks several times a week...and that's all I know to do! Good luck