Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Got a New Attitude

We have lived in Virginia for 5 years now (4 for me because my husband was here a year before I came). Ever since the day I arrived, I have seriously disliked this place. I went from having a shopping mall, numerous grocery stores, awesome parks, many schools to choose from, and just about every other commodity you can imagine available to me. Down here, we have Wal-Mart, the mall is an hour away, there are no parks for the kids to go to (no good ones anyway), and everything is just so far away. I've also had a really hard time because my parents live a good distance away, and I really love the town my parents live in; which makes me want to move there really badly. Now that we've had the baby, I want her to be close to her grandparents, too.

But, lately, I've really been thinking. If there wasn't an ultimate reason for me being sent down here, then God would have had other plans for me, and I would be somewhere else. So, I have started really praying, and seeking his wisdom and guidance on what his purpose is for me while I am living in here. I want to be used to the best of my ability, and obviously I have a niche down here that God thinks I would be useful doing; now I just have to pray, and seek his guidance to show me exactly what I was sent to podunk Virginia to do!


Grace said...

God uses you wherever you are. I'm not one that believes you are out of God's plan if you choose to go somewhere else. As the saying goes, "Bloom where your planted". For this season of your life, bloom where you are now. Later it may be somewhere else. It doesn't matter where you are. What matters is that you do God's work while you're there.