Friday, February 15, 2008

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Just so I clear myself up: the last post was NOT to show that I support what is going on. That picture of the girls walking in the picket line, to me, is absolutely disgusting!! I just wanted to post something to show the negativity that they have to go through, even though they are willing to give their lives to fight for our freedom. I couldn't stand being a military wife because I would miss my husband, and the father of my children, too much to handle it. I wouldn't want my children's father to be away from them. I commend every single military family for dealing with what the government has gotten us in to, and for fighting for our country. I wanted to show what the men and their families have to go through, and we don't take it seriously enough that men we don't know are losing their lives for US... it's like we're not thankful for it. And, we should be!!! I wanted to make the point that we should be more appreciative of them for doing what they are. I didn't mean to be offensive ~this post was on another friend's blog and it brought a whole new perspective to me as to what the military men and women have to deal with. They're doing this for me, and what have I done to thank them or deserve their service?? I think they, regardless of what is going on, need to be supported 10,000% for giving us freedom, and for continually fighting for our freedom. I also agree that they need to be brought home! This was meant to show that we need to support our troops and not be against them how some of the people in these pictures are. I would NEVER stand out there with signs like that and thank people for dead soldiers, and IED's. It's gross, sick, and heinous. That's why I said support our troops. I want them home to be with their families... not over there fighting! I wanted to post this on MY blog, and say how I feel about everything. I also didn't intend to ask anyone to repost this to your blog. It was just on the bottom of the posting that I copied from.


Donna said...

Hi Bre,
Good post! I've seen those photos before and I cry every time. My brother-in-law was in Baghdad for over a year. He left immediately after the birth of his third child. It was so hard on my sister to have him away, and she did a great job parenting alone. When we discuss the "price" of this war, he always says, "People who are SO against this war need to appreciate that since 911, it hasn't been fought in our cities and neighborhoods. That's why we need to do it right... So that we don't find ourselves living in our own Baghdad, where terrorists are in control". That really made me think.

I don't blog yet, but I'm thinking about it. I love to read what's going on with other people, and what's on their minds. The dialogue is fun. If I set up a blog, I'll comment and let you know.

I really enjoy reading your blog, so I'll be back...

God bless your family. Have a great weekend!