Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Funny

Just one more thing one of my kiddos did. One of our spelling words this week was "Mississippi". When the aforementioned kiddo was giving a classmate their make up test because they had been absent, she said "MissiPISSi is a state down South". As soon as she stopped, she realized that she said a "swear" in the middle of the word, flipped out, and begged me not to write her up. She totally messed up, and didn't do it on purpose. Then one of the little boys was like, "Well you messed that up. It's not fun to be sent to the office for swearing on accident. You should make it count and say a real swear". Needless to say Mr. Badpants got a talking to about the badness of swearing, and the rest of us got a kick out of Ms. Goody Two Shoes making a swear on accident.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bre,
That's funny! When I was teaching, the first grade teacher sent a child to the principal because another student accused him of saying "the f word". When the principal scolded him and threatened to call his parents, he started crying and said, "but my brother says fart!" Oops! Thankfully it was the wrong f word!