Monday, February 25, 2008

Did You Say Almost FREE???

A total drama seems as if it's going to turn out to be a total plus for us! We've had our fair share of drama in the last year and a half, and all I want is for everything to be over. So.... let me establish the base of our latest drama, and then tell how it all pans out to look like it's gonna be pretty freakin awesome!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a very bad wind storm. I'm talking 50-60 mile an hour winds bad. As we're sitting in our living room, (with a very LARGE picture window... I'll have to show a pic of that at some point) we see shingles flying off the roof left and right. Immediately we think... oh crap, another thing that is going to need repaired. (We JUST spend $5600 on a new heat pump a few months ago, mind you, and this was just another thing to add that needed to get done that was going to take a crap load of money to fix) My husband goes out to start collecting all of the shingles that were in the yard and driveway; then he decides to inspect the roof :o(. Out back, there was a piece of roof about 6 feet long and 4 feet wide that was getting ready to blow off. Thank goodness it didn't get to that point!! So, my husband put the nice little pile of shingles in the carport (in VA hardly any houses have garages!), and we decided to call the home owners insurance company to see what we could have done. Seeing that we had been told our heat pump was struck by lightning, and was going to be covered by insurance, then it ended up not being that at all and came out of our pockets..... we were just a tid bit skeptical as to what was going to happen!

I think I may be digressing a little.... so back to the point: We call the insurance agency, they send a dude out to inspect, and he tells us our roof isn't up to code. There are 3 layers of shingles, and a MAX of 2 layers are allowed. Therefore our roof is technically illegal! It's going to cost $2600 (minus our deductable) to fix just the back of the roof; which is getting paid by the insurance company. We call our realtor today, and find out that the inspector SHOULD have caught the 3 layers of shingles BEFORE we bought the house. In that case, we would have NEVER bought the house without the roof being fixed!! Our realtor is flipping out because she thought she hired a great inspector ~ guess not!

So... when it's all said and done, we may end up having a FREE roof (except for the deductible) because we will probably take the inspector to small claims court to get the money to fix the rest of the roof. I don't want to be hateful, but we can't afford $2600 to get the front of the roof fixed, and he should have caught that. We would not be in this house if we knew the roof was illegal, and we'll NEVER sell the house down the road if it's illegal!!

Hopefully this will all work out, and we'll have a brand new roof for next to nothing :o)