Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday ~

These are some things that did not happen during my week ~

* upon seeing the 74 question science benchmark, i did not smile internally about the fact that i'd have at least 2 hours of no talking while my students took the ginormous test... i felt bad, really i did!

* my 2 year old did not get constipated, only to poop a massive log on to our kitchen floor... she also didn't tell every body that, "i poop-ed (she says the ending separately, because she's cute like that) on the kitchen floor" for three days afterwards, either.

* i did not about jump for joy when i realized we have 3 1/2 weeks of school left... rock on!

* the words "that sucks" did not come out of my mouth while in my classroom... much to the chagrin of my students... "oooohhhhhs and ahhhhhhhsss" did not follow either.

* our trip to raleigh to see lord of the dance did not get us there 15 minutes late, and totally irritated with each other to the point that we were about ready to freak out... because we are both adults, and handle every situation in an adult-like manner... fo sho!

* after we got our new carpet, my genius husband did not cut off a good end because it was too long.... to then notice the huge grease mark at the other end.... remember, i said genius.

* one of my students didn't decide that he was going to spit on every single person that walked by him today because he didn't want anyone near him.... and upon getting scolded, he did not tell me that if i want him to stop spitting on people, then i need to tell people to stay away from him. he didn't then hear from me that i would go ahead and just take him down to the pre-kindergarten class because i was pretty sure that's where he has belonged for the last 2 months

that's enough confessing for today.... :o) head over to MckMama's blog to see a list of other people who didn't do things this week, either.