Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain is Gone

you know what? i love God... i love how He provides for us, and makes sure to take care of every little detail in our lives. nothing is too big or too little to go to Him with, and He makes sure to take care of his lambs. sometimes we don't always get the outcome or answer we were hoping/expecting to get. but, that is because it was our plan, not His. His plan is what's right, and what works best.... because, ya know, He's only had our lives planned since before we were even born. how cool, huh?

in my own little mind, i had a big plan. i had things planned out for what how our girl's educational road was going to look like in the next couple years. it was all mapped out, and i was ready! she's two now, and i know that she'll be in school sooner than we know it. for being two, she knows a lot (yes, you've heard that before because i kind of like to brag on my kiddo every now and then all.the.time. but i'm allowed cuz i'm her mommy). so, in my world, it was time to start getting her ready to start school not next year, but the next. my plan was for her to go to preschool this year at her new school, then actual pre-k here at our school when she was 3 1/2, and start kindergarten when she was 4 1/2. that was my plan. today, however, i've been given a different plan, and i'm ok with that. i've been so worried about pushing my munchkin along, and making sure that she gets in to school early because she's so smart already. we werre so afraid she'd be bored when she went to school if she didn't start early. then, God made a situation occur and He showed me that my plan wasn't the best plan for our girl. His plan is better. i just happened to stay outside a little extra today with my kids.... you know, by my own will and everything, it was totally not God waiting for me to have the opportunity to get some good information, and the answers to my prayers... no, that wasn't it at all. while i was outside, the kindergarten teachers came out for recess a little earlier than normal (see, not God's hand working... i stayed late, they came early... definitely not Him). we all got to talking, and i mentioned that it was my plan to get my ever-so-intelligent baby in to kindergarten when she was a mere 4 1/2 years old. because i'm the mommy, and i soooo know what is best for her. while we were having our little discussion, they both told me that they also started all of their girls, who had birthdays that fell in the middle of the year which made them older to start school, when they were 5 1/2. they confirmed that it wasn't disastrous, but it was actually very beneficial. the girls were always at the head of their class, they caught on to things a lot quicker, and were mature enough socially to handle being in school and the requirements that come along with being a good student. i tried to reason with them, and explain that my kid is very, very smart.... and hoped that they would agree with me that she indeed should start kindergarten a little earlier. but, that wasn't the case. they shut me down, and i lost.... case closed. i was also told that with them being actual kindergarten teachers, they feel that the kids who start early, even though they are smart, struggle greatly both academically and socially because they aren't old enough to handle the work or atmosphere. sooo, i guess this means that i have my answers to all of my worries about what to do with our girl and school. i want her to be successful, and don't want her to be an outcast because she isn't old enough to handle the work load or the social load. God wins... i lose (surprised? yeah, me either). all in all, i know this is the best choice for our princess. even though it wasn't what i originally planned, it's what needs to happen, and i am at peace knowing that He made the right decision for our girl... because He loves her..... just a little.