Thursday, May 14, 2009

drop dead

every single year i have a kid in my room who stands out from the rest. sometimes it is that they are a better helper, whinier, a little different, and some other qualities mixed in there that just make them stand out. this year, i have a kid who is just down right hateful, obnoxious, and rude. he has made the atmosphere in my classroom not-so-great on many occasions, and the last two months have been no exception. he has been the rudest, most disrespectful, hateful child i think i've honestly ever seen. he always has to have the last.word. doesn't care that adults should be shown respect... respect... what is that? seriously? i've been patient, impatient, understanding, kind, not-so-kind, probably every adjective you could use to describe how someone interacts with another human being, i've played that role throughout the last 10 months. well, this week, mr. smarty-pants got a taste of his own medicine. as i said, he has been ten times worse the last two months than he has been the whole school year combined. it's horrible, and i am so ready to get him out of my class. yesterday, he asked me to call his mom while i was in the middle of a lesson. i said no, and that he could go during recess. he didn't like that answer, so he decided to throw a huge, whopping, i'm-acting-like-a-two-year-old (actually, less than two because my own two year old rarely acts like that) fit. he conveniently "forgot" to call during recess (why would he want to take play time away), and asked to go instead of eating lunch. the kids know they aren't allowed to do that, so he was told no again. once again, mr. lovely didn't like this answer. he took the fit throwing to another level, and decided to call me some really nasty, hateful names and also said that he wished i would drop dead. oh really now? so.... playing the impatient, i'm totally role, i acted about as nice as him!

when he came in today, he needed to use the bathroom. "umm, i really need to pee, can i go to the bathroom?" no answer "i really really really really need to pee." no answer "i need to call my mom again today to find out what bus i am riding." no answer "did you know that some ten year old kid beat up his brother, how crazy is that?" no answer.... get my point? i did this it totally drove him insane, and then he finally exploded and said "i really wish you'd stop ignoring me." so, i politely replied, "oh, well, you wanted me to drop dead, so i figured i would just be dead to you. that is fine with me. you don't have to go to the bathroom, or call your mom, and i can just forget to call you to go to lunch and out to recess since you wish i were dead, right?" i think it really made him think. on top of having this happen, the rest of my class was absolutely irate with him for making such a mean comment. they kept telling him he was the meanest kid on the face of the earth, and how could he wish i would die when i need to be a mother to my little girl and a wife to my husband. he was fed a little bit of humble pie, and i think he got a pretty big piece, actually. however humble he was today, it still doesn't change the fact that he isn't participating in our movie day, kickball tournament, and picnic. what.a.cryin.shame.

the end.



My wife is a teacher with a Masters degree and has taught about 8 years in private schools. She often takes a couple of years off to write elementary cirriculum books for various publishers. One thing is an absolute to her- respect. When a child is openly disrespectful, they are out for the day and a parental conference is set up. Every time, no exceptions. At some point in time the student is suspended and even expelled. She tolerates a lot- but not that.

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

Well, BP, I wish I was able to have the same result as your wife. Our administration gives the teachers no support AT ALL. This same child came to school with a tool that had a knife on it, stated to another student that he was planning on using the knife on another child in class, the knife was found in his book bag, and he got a 2 days out of school. That was it. Two days for planning to hurt someone with the weapon in his posession. The asst. principal's viewpoint, "Oh, he's just a kid he's all talk. And, it wasn't a real knife, it was just a tool that HAD a knife." Now, what would he have done if something had happened, and he used the knife because no real disciplinary action was taken? The same child also got 3 discipline referrals in a weeks time, and got one day of in school; during which he went around to every teacher's classroom in the whole school and collected their attendance folders and ran other errands. Sounds like the punishment fit the crime, right? Unfortunately, this is seriously how our school works. Blah!


That's really too bad. This is a kid with a very serious problem and I suspect it starts at home. This is a kid that needs serious intervention. Keep their file well updated.