Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flabbergasted and Heartbroken

This morning while I was putting my two-year-old angel in the car, she looked at me and said, "Eff you, Mommy!" (the real word, not "eff" either, and yes, it was I wasn't sure if that was actually what she had said (or, I didn't want to believe that was the phrase my baby had just used), but she piped up again when I buckled her in "Eff you, Mommy". My heart was broken. I wanted to cry right then, but knew that it would only encourage her to repeat those disgusting words again, which is NOT what I wanted to happen. My child most certainly did not hear those words at home. I was seriously shell-shocked to hear such strong, hateful, disgusting language come from her little, cute, beautiful mouth. I am hoping that she doesn't say that phrase anymore, but I am not sure of my "plan of action" in case she does. I called my mom this morning, and bawled my eyes out to her about the fact that those words were uttered out of my sweet girl's mouth. Can you tell that it makes me sick? My mom said to put soap in her mouth if she continues to say that, but I shouldn't have to be to the point that I put soap in my baby's mouth for swearing at me.... like, the queen mother of all swear words. I cannot even begin to grasp the fact that she's even heard those words, let alone knows how to use them appropriately. All I can say is Praise God for the fact that today is the last day she will ever step foot in that babysitter's house. I am so thankful that He provided a way for her to go to a good school next year. And, yes, I realize that my child is going to be exposed to nasty language. I get that. But, at two-years-old? I was thinking more like two plus twelve years or something... not just two. Then, it makes me even more sick that parents think it is appropriate and ok to speak to their children like that. All of the children that go to the babysitters are four and under, and that's where my kid is learning that kind of language? What are these parents thinking, seriously?