Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been feeling a little weird the last 24ish hours. Last night, I had a hard time getting to sleep because my heart just kept feeling funny. I can't take a deep breath, and when I do it's a struggle. While eating lunch today, I timed my heart, and it was beating at over 100bpm. NOT.GOOD. I have a doctor's appt at 7:15 tonight. PLEASE PRAY that everything is OK. It would be appreciated!


Erica said...

Praying for you! Call your doctor or go to the ER if you have any doubts! I just wrote a post about my heart condition I had, I had a high resting heart rate too. When I first dx sometimes I'd go up to the drugstore to take my BP and get my heartrate if I felt weird. Hopefully everything is fine with you!!

Becky said...

Oh goodness. I am thinking about you. It's 7:55...I hope you've already gotten your diagnosis and it's good!! Please let us know!