Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow... it has been a long time since I've done one of these suckers! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the things I so totally have NOT done lately!

* Upon going to one of our really good friend's house last Thursday, I didn't fall in love with her little critters, and totally didn't buy two of them for myself! My little munchkin doesn't enjoy watching the "mousies" running around their cage, and shrilling with delight! They are actually Siberian Dwarf Hamsters, and they are the softest, cutest little things! (That is until one of them clamps down on my finger with it's chompers, then you'll hear a different story) So now, Lucy and Ethel (yes, from "I Love Lucy") DON'T reside in our home. :o)
* We did not start a game with our princess because we were trying to find out where a certain smell was coming from. Upon getting a whiff of the afforementioned odor, we did not search the living room high and low for this raunchy smell. And, once we found it, we totally didn't crack up at realizing that it was our kid's FEET! She doesn't now like to come up to us and say "Mell my feet, Mommy, pease" because it doesn't crack her up that we smell her feet, and tell her that they stink! (Any tips on getting the kids feet to be less raunchy? She takes a bath every single day, promise!)
* I totally didn't get a good laugh out of making a kid get totally skunked by his teacher today... because the brat didn't walk in to indoor recess in my room with a major attitude, didn't keep asking me to go to the bathroom every 30 seconds, and didn't snicker when I forewarned him that he was going to have a surprise visit. Then, when his teacher came to my door (she is only known as the meanest teacher in fourth grade), he totally didn't turn bright red, and scurry off to his seat to try and act like he was innocent. She also didn't let him totally have it for showing himself in my room! ROCK ON! Working with the meanest teacher in fourth grade is beneficial, I'm tellin ya!
* I have not admitted total failure in my New Year's Goal to be less of an Internet junkie. Because, you know, my husband should come first, and I should pay attention to him instead of being on here stalking all my blogger friends peruzing the net as much I do.
* I did not make a total fool out of myself today at an after school professional development dealing with how to encourage kids to become more active. While learning a new version of tag which involved running to a hula hoop, picking up a rubber pool floaty stick thingy, then gently wacking someone beneath the knees, getting back to the hula hoop, throwing the rubber floaty thingy in the hoop while the person you tagged is trying to get it from you, then making it back to the opponent's spot without getting hit by the opponent (whew!, long description, but it was necessary to visualize all of the steps, and then to read the next part) ~ I didn't totally kick the hula hoop clear across the circle, almost fall on my rear end, and lose the game! :o( boooo meeeee!!!
* The last week-ish, I totally haven't acted like an insane princess drama queen because I've had bronchitis. My husband DIDN'T do as much for me as he did our almost-two-year-old-pretty-pretty-princess. Because I am an adult, and I can so totally take care of my own self thank-you-very-much!
* I am not praying, doing snow dances, and everything else imaginable to encourage the winter weather that we are supposed to be getting to COME TO MY HOUSE SO I CAN SLEEP IN TOMORROW MORNING! I don't like staying in bed until 9:30... nope, NOT ME!
* While doing a read aloud to my class, I didn't accidentally read a swear word OUT LOUD to my class. The class didn't react with "ooooooooo's" and "ahhhhhhhhh's" and "you're bad, and you need to go to the principal's office"'s!!!!! YIKES
Well, I think that is enough confessing for one night! If I keep going, I might look like a horrible person for all of the things I haven't done! Check out MckMama's blog to see more people who totally haven't done anything at all this week!


Erica said...

Don't worry, even my little baby's feet smell so bad sometimes! Great post! I didn't manage to do one today! Today was the first day in awhile I didn't check blogs till so late, I almost didn't at all, but ya know my husband is already snoring!