Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Tagged (Cuz I'm a Dork)!

Since I am a dork, and I automatically assume that because someone has the name Brie on their blog, it means they are talking about ME... I have been tagged. Here's how you play~

1. You go to the 6th file of photos on your computer

2. You choose the 6th picture

3. You post it

4. Write what it's about and all that jazz

5. Tag people

This picture is when we were doing a photo shoot for our Christmas cards that we ended up not getting. She was tired, but I had to get it done so we could use the Snapfish discount. Needless to say, if we would have used the cards I created, this was NOT the picture that was on them! Plus, her bangs were really long, and looked kinda shabby. Don't you just love how she sits like a little lady with her legs wide open in a dress? We need to work on our little lady skillz! :o)

So... I tag





Becky said...

And what a cute little lady she is!!!
I sent you a facebook request.
We've been doing good! Same ol' stuff, different day! How about you guys?

Grace said...

Just got back to my computer. I'll get to it soon!

Shelly said...

you are def. not a dork =)