Thursday, March 6, 2008

You Got Mad Skillz!

My kiddos were playing volleyball in gym today. Volleyball just happens to be my favorite sport, and I happen to not be too shabby at playing. So... we started out by just catching and throwing the ball over the net for them to get the hang of it. Then the gym teacher said that they could start hitting the ball with the 3 hits needed to send the ball over to the opposing team. When it was my turn to serve, I did a soft over hand serve, and all of their jaws dropped. When we came back to the room some of the boys told me that they could return my serve if they had the chance, and I told them that I was being a little on the nice side and didn't serve as hard as I usually would have. The whole class determined by the end of the day that their cool teacher has "mad skillz" playing volleyball! At least I have mad skillz in something!


Grace said...

That's hilarious! I know I've asked before, but what grade do you teach?

To answer your question, no I've not had a Primanti Brothers sandwich, but I've certainly heard of them! Have you had dogs from The Hot Dog Shoppe? Prophet was born at Magee Women's Hospital because we were living in the area at the time! I miss Dingbats from the Robinson Township area! When Prophet was Magee for 11 weeks, Mom and I would stop by there on the way home from the hospital and get a slice of their turtle cheesecake to soak up all our troubles! That would be so awesome! I was sad to hear they closed awhile back!

If you guys still have family in that area and you ever visit, let me know! It's only 2 1/2 hours from here and we visit with my in-laws who live 40 minutes from there alot! My MIL actually works at the Pittsburgh airport... as did Smart Guy when we lived there!

Grace said...

Hey there, Dingbats does appear to have 3 locations in the Pitt area! I just always went to the one in Robinson Township and it doesn't appear that it's opened back up, unless it's one of those and I just don't recognize the address!

Their website is
They don't have there desserts on their menu though...