Friday, March 28, 2008

New Love

I am not your typical hip, fashionable, tasteful 28 year old. I am very much a homey, plain, simple person; I am definitely my mother's daughter. My house is done in 100% complete country decor.... I'm talking quilts and barn stars everywhere. It's what I'm comfortable with, and it makes my house feel like a home to me. Anyway.... I am also not a real big fanatic about purses. I like the Vera Bradley purses because they're more my style, but even they're starting to get old to me. Well.... we were in Pennsylvania almost this entire last week for our school's spring break. On our way home, we drove through downtown Gettysburg 1) because I like the town and 2) my husband is an insane history buff, so he wanted to drive through the battlefield. Anyway.... while driving through the town, there was a store called Artworks that had EVERYTHING made of quilts. They had jackets, tablecloths, anything you could imagine (within a reasonable imagination) was a quilt. Of course, I LOVED it. Well... I have found my new brand of purses. They are Donna Sharp purses. The picture shows her new design called Grape Patch, which will be mine in May when I go back. I have never really been one to carry a purse, but now that I have found a brand that is completely and totally me, I will be adding to this collection, and will actually enjoy carrying something that shows a little glimpse of who I am. I love it when I find things that are totally who I am as a person, and I can kind of show myself in little bits and pieces. I will forever be a lover of quilts, and now I get to carry one with me whenever I go out! To me, that is wonderful :)


Grace said...

Those are awesome. I love Vera Bradley! My favorite pattern is Red Provincial, an old one, so the only way to add my collection is by ebay, which is fine, although some things go way up in price on there because they aren't available anywhere else anymore. I'm gonna go check out more info about Donna Sharp right now!

I hope your spring break was a great as ours has been. We go home tomorrow afternoon. I can't believe how fast it went.