Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cutie Patooty

Our little one is starting to repeat everything we say. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. My wonderful grandmother sent us an Easter package with adorable clothes, amazingly delicious hand made nut roll, and sugar cookies. The kiddo was standing at our table that sits beside the chair in the living room, and I decided to give her some pieces of cookie to gobble up. As I was putting the pieces on the table for her to grab, I said, "Morgan, Mommy's giving you some cookie". Don't you know, she looks at me and says "cookie". This week alone, she has learned cookie, quack quack, whoa, has used a comb to comb her HAIR (her own hair), said sock, and tried to put her sock back on her foot. She JUST turned 1 at the end of February. She amazes me!


Grace said...

Ha! I remember those first amazing words! That little tiny voice sweetly sounding out all those new sounds! Just wait a few more months and you'll be ready for some peace and quiet. Bee also started talking clearly very early. I was so not used this because the boys were later talkers (although they rarely shut up these days)! The joke around our house for years is that the only time Bee stops talking is when she's asleep, and even then she talks in her sleep!!