Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia Lawrenson

I read the post on Nate's blog about writing a post on my own blog telling brand new Mommy Tricia about what it will be like, and all of the wonderful things she'll experience, when she gets to take baby Gwyneth Rose home. I had my little girl, Morgan, a year ago, and I've never had a more awesome role than "Mommy". I love every second of being her mother, and I am going to bawl my eyes out while I type this. But... here goes (even though some things seem not so great, I wouldn't change any of it for the world)

* having your newborn scream for what seems like 24 hours a day because she's unfamiliar with her surroundings..... then to have her sleep on your chest because your rocking and humming comfort her
* her crying because she needs to be held by her Mommy (I LOVED that)
* watching her discover every new thing, and being able to teach her new things daily
* feeding her for the first time with a spoon (watch out... many bibs, and lots of paper towel)
* having Daddy feed her for the first time (once again... even MORE paper towel... like 3 rolls maybe :o) )
* having her smile at you for the first time because she's happy... not just gassy
* having her recognize you, and reach for you while calling "Mama" (amazing)
* having her say "No, Mommy, No" when you scold her for trying to bite you
* having her tell you "ah, ah... NO NO" when you take something from her because she's learned the "ah, ah... NO NO" from you because she gets in to EVERYTHING
* seeing her Patty Cake for the first time
* watching her do "So Big" a gazillion times over because she loves it
* watching her shake her little butt while she dances to music
* giving her baths in the kitchen sink.... and having water all over the kitchen because she's discovered how to splash, and it's great
* kissing naked baby buns (clean of course)
* hearing her giggle when you give her belly raspberries
* having her blow you a kiss
*watching her snuggle on her Daddy's big chest, and she looks so small... it still melts my heart
* hearing her call her "goggy" because she wants to play with him (Meka will LOVE Gwyneth Rose)
*staying in bed with a baby laying between you snuggling up in between your big pillows
* Sunday morning pancakes that Daddy makes for his girls while they're in bed
* poop that goes clear up her back, and you have to change her outfit, then finding out right after you changed her that she pooped again
* big, wet, slobbery kisses
* her patting your arm while she lays her head on your shoulder because you're patting her bottom
* newborn cries (I actually miss those)
* my favorite moment of every day is giving her a kiss good night, telling her I love her, then thanking God for giving me such a wonderful blessing

My list could go on for days about my little one, and the many joys she has brought to my life. I'm sure your list will go on for days about Gwyneth Rose. I am so happy that you have finally gotten to hold her, and be with her. You are one strong, amazing woman, and you are such an awesome witness for the Lord. I definitely admire you and your family. I have a love for you in my heart, and a love for Nathan and Gwyneth. Your families joys bring me joy, and your families sorrows and setbacks bring me sorrow. I have committed to you, and am praying daily for all of you. God has done amazing work in your lives, and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for you! I hope you enjoy my list, and that you enjoy everyone else's list!



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