Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Standin in the Need of ~

just thought i'd share a little cuteness from my almost-2-year-old-princess. my in-laws bought her a bunch of christian cd's for christmas because the kid loves music... you should so see her get her groove on, and "sake a booooottttyyyy". so, she was slightly grumpy a full blown nasty bear tonight (no nap at the babysitters, busting her lip open at the babysitters, not eating lunch or dinner, and being constipated the last couple of days would have nothing to do with her hatefulness, either (i can't wait to get out of that babysitters))... anywho.... so tonight the only thing that would partially calm her down was her "songs". as she's sitting in the doorway between her "woom" and the hall, she starts getting her little booty going, and starts singing. i listen closely, and crack up. this is what i heard... first on the cd, then from my kiddo

cd ~ "it's me, it's me, it's me, oh lord, standing in the need of prayer"

kiddo ~ "eeeet me, eeeet me, eeet me, word, tannin ina neeeda bead (bread)"

how she got bread out of prayer, i'll never know, but it was basically like the cutest thing ever.... ya know, amidst all the bear-ness and stuff! :o)


Erica said...

I can imagine it was just adorable! Aren't we blessed to have such cute little distractions!